Can I get a list of prices?

Unfortunately no, the service Ames Glass provides is customized for each individual order.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote, please feel free to fill out the online form in the “Contact Us” section or call 408-320-7757

What is the difference between a new construction windows and a retrofit window?

In new construction the exterior stucco or siding will need to be cut back around the window or door in order to expose the wood studs and remove the old frame. A new water barrier (flashing) will be installed and the new window or door will be attached to the house the same way the original installation was done. The stucco and siding will then be repaired after the new window or door is installed.

The retrofit window, also known as a replacement window, installation option is less labor intensive and therefore it is less expensive and takes less time. The original frame will be left in place and your stucco or siding will not be damaged. The new window or door will be married to the existing frame making a water tight seal.  A vinyl trim or wood casing is installed on the interior giving it a finished look.