Mirror Installation

Installing mirrors has been a way to make a room appear larger without taking up any additional space.  A mirror installation will redirect light making the room feel larger.  Mirrors are a great way to brighten a room that lacks natural light.  The installation of a custom mirror can create a focal point in a room, drawing the attention of ones eye to a beautiful custom mirror and away from a less attractive part of the room.  Large blank walls can be a challenge for a decorator; traditional forms of decoration, such as pictures or art, can be lost on large walls.  A custom mirror installation is a great way to solve this problem, adding beauty at an affordable cost.  Entry ways and foyers can create a problem when decorating, often lacking space for furniture or other décor.  Custom vanity mirrors are a great option, adding beauty, without taking any space.  Dining rooms are another great place for a custom wall mirror; candle light can be reflected, creating a warm feeling in the room.  The installation of a mirror in a bathroom is necessary for putting on makeup or doing your hair, while adding beauty to the bathroom.

Ames Glass Window and Doors has worked with home owners, business owners, general contractors, and interior designers on the design and installation of custom mirrors.  Ames Glass Window and Doors has installed mirrors in homes, schools, malls and gyms.  Ames Glass Window and Doors can create custom mirror shapes to fit in almost any space.  We will help you choose a custom mirror that will offer the most beautiful reflection, while providing an installation that will also be safe for your family or customers.   Ames Glass Window and Doors can provide a mirror installation using traditional clips, or using a specially designed mastic, giving a cleaner look without compromising safety, or various framed mirror options.

Ames Glass Window and Doors can help you select the right size and shape, much of your decision will rely on how the mirror needs to function.  If seeing a person’s reflection in the mirror is important then height and placement need to be considered.  If the mirror is meant as more of a decorative accent, like a sunburst mirror, then you have more options for placement.

 Mirror Installation Styles

 Vanity Mirror, Closet Door Mirror, Sandblasted/Etched Mirror, Commercial & Industrial Mirror, Framed Mirror, Mirror Wall.

Mirror Shapes

 Oval, Square, Half Moon, Rectangle Edges, Geometric, Flat Polished, Pencil Polished, Mitered, Beveled, Ground, Custom Options.