Window Installation Residential

Ames Glass Window and Doors can provide all of your window installation needs for your home; we proudly serve San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area.  We offer several brands of windows making a window installation possible for almost any budget.  Ames Glass Window and Doors is here to help you through the entire window installation process, from design consideration, choosing the right window for your home, the best glass option, all the way to the window installation.

Natural daylight has been shown to have positive effects ranging from better test scores in students to more productivity in offices.  These are some of the reasons that Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) encourages the use of natural light to aid in human comfort, and help the environment by reducing the need for electric lighting.  One major problem with old single- pane windows is they are one of the leading causes of heat loss during the winter and solar heat gain during the summer.  Double pane windows offer benefits such as increased energy efficiency, reduced outside noise and help eliminate condensation on your windows.

Ames Glass Window and Doors offers a number of glass products including safety glass, stained glass and other high-performance and specialty glazing for your window installation.  Low-Emissive (or low-E) Glass has a film applied to one of the glass surfaces. This coating allows light in, but it prevents some ultraviolet rays from entering your home.  A Low-E coating can help keep your home cool on a hot day, on a cold day it can prevent the interior heat from escaping through the glass. Tinted Glass is given either a bronze or gray cast, tinted glass reduces glare and limits the amount of light and heat from the sun (solar gain) in your home.  Safety Glass is required in some cases by building codes.  Ames Glass Window and Doors will help you determine if you are required to have safety glass, what type will fit the setting of your window installation.  Stained Glass can add a beautiful and unique feature to your home, there are a variety of choices for you to review if you decide to accent your home with stained glass.

Replacement windows, or retrofit windows, are a great way to improve energy efficiency in your home without the cost of a new construction window installation.  A replacement window will allow for the installation of a double pane or triple pane window without the labor cost and stucco damage.  It often can be done without a building permit, depending on your cities building codes.  A replacement window installation will reduce drafts, help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, reduce outside noise, and help eliminate condensation on your windows.

New Construction window installation is an option to consider if you have existing frame damage, window leakage, if you to plan re-configure the window design or when planning a remodel.  Choosing new construction opens up the plan to be as creative as you like; your Ames Glass Window and Doors representative will be there to help you determine the best size and style for your window installation.

Adding a Glass Wall is an emerging style in window installation.  This wonderful aesthetic feature brings the outdoors in and allows for expansive views of nature.  This option provides plenty of protection from undesirable weather conditions and with it’s simple operation allows you to easily enjoy beautiful days.  The glass wall is made up of bi-folding doors with a sturdy yet slim frame, this design maximizes the amount of glass in the wall.  The design options are virtually limitless including pivoting panels that allow you to open some panels, all panels or choose to keep them all in a fixed position.

Window Installation Options

Below are basic choices, there are many customization options that you will be able to review at your appointment with one of our helpful staff members.

Window Frame Options Include: Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum.

Window Types Include: Double Hung Window, Double Slide Window, Casement Window, Geometric Window, Bay Window, Garden Window, Single Hung Window, Half Slide Window, Awning Window, Radius Window, Bow Window, Picture Window.

Door Frame Options Include: Wood Vinyl, Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum.

Door Types Include: Sliding Patio Door, Hinged Patio Door, Storm Door, Screen Door, Entry Door, French Door.